Never Ask A Woman This…Never!..NEVER!!!

A woman I know put a little weight on recently. It was a good thing because she had been under weight so she committed to a few more sandwiches and packed on a few for health reasons. (I know, I know, I can’t relate either) Anyway, a co-worker of hers asked her if she was pregnant!
Two Thoughts
1) Her co-worker HATES her.
2) NEVER ask a woman if she’s pregnant.
If I ran into a friend who I knew was trying to get pregnant at a baby store buying a crib… I wouldn’t ask her if she was pregnant. She could be opening gifts at her baby shower… and I wouldn’t ask.

If she was lying down naked and a tiny human skull was crowning out her vagina… I wouldn’t ask.

Just never ask a woman if she is pregnant. NEVER!
I’m Just Saying, Penelope

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