Letter to Vet

Dear Dr Burr,
Yesterday I brought my cat, Posey in to see you because she hurt her paw. It was a very stressful day for her… but, not because of her bloody paw…because you spent zero time on the injury and half an hour ridiculing her for being fat.  First, you made that “oh my back” groan when you picked her up (hilarious)! Next, you branched out with
name calling… fat, obese, hefty, chubs. Remember when you said that if she were you or me she’d weigh 400lbs? and that she needed to lose half her weight? I just wanted to make sure you understand she weighs 12 pounds and is a cat not a hamster or something? Just making sure because when you kept muttering “Look at her. Look at her.” over and over it kind of creeped me out…Anyway, I just wanted to write you
this note to let uou know…You had us at “fat”. No need for “Tub of lard with whiskers!” or “Fatty catty two by four”.
Also, let me know if there is an anti-depressant you could prescribe…for both of us…And obviously, not one that makes you gain weight. Ha Ha.

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