Put a Tiny Moose in Your Pocket

The other day, I surprised my niece and nephew by pulling 49 cent stuffed animals from IKEA out of my purse during dinner. Willa named her tiny moose Moosey and Sam went with Snakey…because his was a snake. Kids are so creative, huh? Anyway, for 98 cents…I was a hero.

So, get some tiny critters to put in your purse. Go to IKEA now…even
if you don’t have a niece or nephew. You’ll still enjoy seeing their
tiny faces look up at you when you’re searching for your pen. Or,
maybe someone will try to mug you and you’ll reach for your gun and by
accident pull out a little cow instead and you the mugger will have a
good laugh.

Note – Hide all stuffed animals you carry around in your purse while on dates.

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