Pants Aren’t Optional

I’m noticing in my fall magazines many fashion ads have left out pants…an item I enjoy all wearing all year… But, especially in the fall cuz you know what looks horrible with boots? When you don’t tuck in your pants because you’re not wearing any.

Earlier this year, I noticed Miley Cyrus went pantsless in her video about how she’s a stupid animal that can’t be taught anything. Then, Lady Gaga showed up at a Yankees game without her pants. I mean, no offense to Yankee Stadium but I myself might wear two pairs of pants.

Maybe I’m conservative… But, my Vagina has never touched the seat of an Applebee’s booth…or accidentally gotten gum stuck to her. She has never appeared in a family photo or handed the cashier at Costco my club card. She does not multi-task by doubling as a cell phone carrying case.

Pants aren’t optional. They’re the sacred the house your vagina lives in. Put them on. Homeless vaginas will never be in fashion.

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