Orphans Making Me Look Bad

I recently expanded my Aunt Empire by sponsoring two Kenyan orphans, Endina, six and Moses, eight. Obviously, all children and select adults like myself are gifted. But seriously, * Moses is a wonderful artist and * Endina looks like a super model.

I sent them both a loving letter as well as colored pencils and paper. Frankly, it’s challenging to pick out gifts for orphans who live in mudhuts and whose water source is a stream. Bath soaps and Wii bowling are out.

So, I’m mailing a note and a few small gifts tomorrow but…Both six year old Endina and eight year old Moses have sent me more letters than I have sent them. How bad do you have to be at corresponding to be for two African orphans who don’t speak English to be better pen pals? They can’t even afford a pen.

Don't worry. We sponsor you, Penelope!

Note to self…Send orphans my tax forms. Pretty sure they will get them filed right away and not wait til last minute.

* Claim can not be substantiated but I still believe it

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