Review of Hop

aotd-hop-movie-iphone-app-0It’s good because the bunny is cute. That is my review.

Looky, he can’t reach the pedals. Actually, I don’t even think he can reach the drums…sooooo cute.hop-movie-main-220x165



Apparently, Rango has a better screen play but I didn’t see it because old west lizard animals are not cute.


shocked-kittyJesus Christ! I think I just shit myself. What the hell was that?


Hey Hollywood executives, why is it so hard for you to cast cute animals? Doesn’t somebody not a dumb as you just make them up and draw them? Do you hate adorable baby animals because they’re not thin enough and don’t get breast implants?


Not Cute…also, not a good reader.


This is what cute looks like, ya Dumbasses!

So, go see Hop. It has some funny moments, it’s kind spirited, it’s not offensive and the bunny is CUTE!


Hey, hey! Over here! Pick me! Pick me! I want to maul you…I mean, volunteer.

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