10 Clues That You Are Addicted to Food

1) There is a food stain on your shirt right now and you don’t remember what it’s from

2) You spend a lot of time shirtless to avoid food stains

3) You promised yourself you wouldn’t eat just during the time it takes you to read these ten clues

4) You renegotiated with your self so that you eat only after reading each item

5) Now you’re chewing while you’re reading

6) That last clue made you think about how good caramel is because it’s chewy

7) Is it time for lunch yet?

8) Sometimes you have lunch for breakfast but only after you had breakfast to begin with

9) You thought this was going to be helpful. You’re that desperate.

10) You’re counting the days until triple stuff Oreos arrive at stores just so you can rip them apart and make six stuff Oreos

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