Kids In School. Moms Still Tired.

Hey! Moms! Remember how you swore that once (fill in your kid’s name) was back at school you’d have some time to relax?..Why are you such a liar? Why aren’t you sippin Cristal, getting hot stone massages and starting a cool band with that neighbor kid who’s too scared to tell you “No”?

Put the new Charlie’s Angels in your TIVO. Yeah, it’s gonna suck but maybe they’ll pull a “Lost” and the Angels are really dead. That would feel good, right? At least, do affirmations in front of a mirror while wearing lingere! Come on! Take a sick day from work then prank call your boss all day. DO IT!

I'm over here, Stupid!

Had time to take it and post it! I’m trying to help! Love, Aunty P




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