Crazy Aunt – Not Crazy Enough To Endorse Romney

The Annual Crazy Aunt Caucus made a barf sound when asked if they support Romney.

Must not sniff other candidates butts.

If I gives you healthcares can I get treet?

The group meets annually, or whenever they feel like it, usually at a petting zoo near a Chipotle.
Crazy Aunt and hottie, Penelope Lombard explained the gagging noises and giggles. “Romney just isn’t crazy enough. It wouldn’t be fun to tickle him and he’s never met a poor person he…Actually, I’ll just hold there. He’s never met a poor person.”
“All the Republican candidates are crazy but not in a good way. They’re crazy like a fox…Not the animal, the faux news network. We do like Ron Paul but not for President, just to hang with at the mall…maybe Ron and I go see the Transformers movie then afterward grab a hot chocolate at Gloria Jean’s and discuss the film like it was a documentary.”

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