S*#T That’s Art

I found this statue of a nail polish bottle on line…and it’s on sale for only 89.90!

Perfect gift for husband you hate!

I'm Fancy and Empty!

Or I could sell you the one I handmade. It says “Wet N Wild” on it and I’m only charging 89.00. That’s a saving of 90 cents.
When friends come to your soiree and see this genuine fake bottle of nail polish it will remind them how they really should’ve said they were busy.
No art says more artistic things about how super arty you are than this big fat statue of nail polish. Kim Kardashian registered for seven of these piles of excrement for her wedding. Klassy.
Imagine…Scents of formaldehyde and potentially unsanitary conditions will fill your head evoking memories of nail technicians who hated you in their own language so as to be discreet and still get a tip. Never forget!…Also, can be used to kill spiders.
"That is some bullsh*#t!"

Manicures - Not so fun for Venus.

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