I’ve been noticing that in few vulnerable moments when I engage in a mini weeping festival of heart ache and or personal panic many “friends” will tell me I need to to be of service to others or volunteer. Oh. Okay. Should I wipe the food stains off my stinky dirty night shirt and dry my tears of just get out there and start building houses for the homeless this second? Seriously, mid-cry is a tough time for me to get told I’m an asshole because I’m not delivering a meal on wheels right that second. Recently, when I was at the end of yet another rope of crap I called a friend and she kept saying “If you have time to feel sorry for yourself, you must have time to give blood.” She kept demanding to know why I wasn’t giving blood until I finally screamed, “Bitch, the Redcross hasn’t opened in my apartment since this call started. Shut The Hell Up!!” And frankly, that did make me feel a little better. Also, I haven’t heard from her recently so, mission accomplished. But here is my suggestion for doing something uplifting and still giving while actually in your boo-hoo moment…Just send one nice email to a friend. “Hey, I was just reflecting on what a sexy princess of hotness you are”. Make sure this message goes to a close friend or you’ll have a date you may not have wanted. If you send it seventeen times you may even have a restraining order against you. Funny how something that is nice when delivered once is NOT seventeen times nicer when delivered seventeen times. Science is weird. Now, I’ll be serious for a minute…Go ahead and be lovey. Be warm. Heap some sweetness on a friend. It’s a little silly and you might feel like a preschool teacher but openly cherishing a friend is a gift…even if you both laugh a little. I’ll do it today and report back.

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