Seriously, What Is a Nia Class?


Looky me! I’m doing Nia!

Uhm…I do teach it but I’m not totally sure. It’s dancey. Fun. Silly, Sensual. Weird. ┬áHere’s a brief description I told someone about Nia, “There’s this one part where we dance around like robots. We shake it and say ‘Mee Ma Meep Beep’. It frees your spirit while tightening your…Wait! We don’t have to say ‘Ma Meep Ba Beep Beep’…Where you going?” Anyway, other pieces of Nia are more tribal or gentle and flowy. We stretch. We dance. We sweat. We make noise. We work it creative freedom style. Jade Apple Yoga in North Hollywood 5:15pm Mondays and Wednesdays and The Springs in downtown L.A. 10:30am Sundays. Also, at my place 3am random days (this event by appointment only).

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