Staying positive isn’t easy unless you’re very, very stupid. If that’s the case, see below*. But, for the rest of us, maintaining a positive perspective can be as easy as writing a fun children’s story or running for President if you’re Donald trump. Just make up some pretend, crazy stuff and commit to it. I can do that. I did it yesterday.
The best news of the day may have been that I found out my cat, Nelson, is a computer genius! When I left the room he removed four keys from my new computer!

This show is better when I tip TV Yo Welcome!

Now, I’ll fix the TV

He must have been trying to hack it. I’ll know when an amazon order of cat treats and machine guns arrives. I got one key back on. Maybe I’m a computer genius or a cat. That doesn’t even make sense.
More goodness, the Dog Park, I take Gretel to may get a thirty thousand dollar makeover. Actually, it would be fifteen thousand after half goes to the obese dogs park. I hope I’m being politically correct in how I say that. There’s nothing wrong with being a plus size dog. Lots of owners enjoy enormous poops and the excitement of potential maulings.
Anyway, fingers crossed fifteen thousand dollars will cover all the changes needed to bring the park to safety standards that comply with the law. Here are some of my ideas.
1) Remove high voltage towers buzzing above park
2) Lower crime rate around park – Although keeping it positive, Gretel has enjoyed getting to see so m any arrests while doing her business.
3) Remove all wires protruding from ground. Also, remove all shattered glass in surrounding wasteland. I mean field.
4) Post a full time Psychiatric team at gate to assess dog owners for mental illness before entering park (Becky!)
5) Grow some grass where there is now just sand (if sand equal electrically charged dog poo)

I like to come to the park and have a good cry

Please don’t make me get off chair.

I could go on forever about the positive changes to the dog park coming up but some of the keys on my computer keep popping off as I type. More good thoughts later!

*Enjoy a nice dish of pudding! Now, life is great!

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