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Staying positive isn’t easy unless you’re very, very stupid. If that’s the case, see below*. But, for the rest of us, maintaining a positive perspective can be as easy as writing a fun children’s story or running for President if … Continue reading

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Is It Weird To Make Posey Still Wear This?

I mean, it kind of works for Valentine’s Day, right? Plus, she totally loves it! Look at her face! All peaced out.

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Crazy Aunts Have Cats…That Talk

Mikey Sometimes, that blonde lady goes on and on and on… “Then, this happened at work. Guess what? That guy at Baja Fresh gave me extra chips again. Do you think he likes me? I dress bohemian chic, right? What if we pulled … Continue reading

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Letter to Vet

Dear Dr Burr, Yesterday I brought my cat, Posey in to see you because she hurt her paw. It was a very stressful day for her… but, not because of her bloody paw…because you spent zero time on the injury and half … Continue reading

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