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And they show what you should wear with it!

To take this look from day to night, dress it up with black pleather leggings, shooties and a sleek silver ear cuff. Or, add a floral skirt, wedge sandals and a rose gold cuff for brunch with your bitches!

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Favorite Robots

2XL(funny and adorable -me if I was a robot) Roomba C-3PO (Very polite – if Downton Abbey had a robot it would be C3PO or any of the stiff white characters currently on the show) Rubix Cube Rotating G-Spot Rabbit … Continue reading

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Is It Weird To Make Posey Still Wear This?

I mean, it kind of works for Valentine’s Day, right? Plus, she totally loves it! Look at her face! All peaced out.

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Sneaker Wedges. The Gateway drug back to adolescence.

  So excited about the sneaker wedges I ordered. They’re super cool and good for my feet. Dr. Oz says so. Actually, it was Dr. Jay. Same diff. Gotta sext. Sexting totally goes with sneaker wedges. ;)

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Fuck Stripes!

This month’s cover of Lucky magazine is giving me a case of the barfs brought on by the case of the uglies worn by the “thin in a way you’re not” Katherine McPhee. She’s lovely but the stripes on virtually … Continue reading

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PTV: Penelope TV

All the top hits from Penelope! YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 – No longer available

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S*#T That’s Art

I found this statue of a nail polish bottle on line…and it’s on sale for only 89.90! Or I could sell you the one I handmade. It says “Wet N Wild” on it and I’m only charging 89.00. That’s a … Continue reading

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Pants Aren’t Optional

I’m noticing in my fall magazines many fashion ads have left out pants…an item I enjoy all wearing all year… But, especially in the fall cuz you know what looks horrible with boots? When you don’t tuck in your pants because you’re not … Continue reading

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My Opinionation

Just checked out the Editors of Elle’s fall denim preview. Long story short… they’re right… That’s denim.

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