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Staying positive isn’t easy unless you’re very, very stupid. If that’s the case, see below*. But, for the rest of us, maintaining a positive perspective can be as easy as writing a fun children’s story or running for President if … Continue reading

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And they show what you should wear with it!

To take this look from day to night, dress it up with black pleather leggings, shooties and a sleek silver ear cuff. Or, add a floral skirt, wedge sandals and a rose gold cuff for brunch with your bitches!

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Seriously, What Is a Nia Class?

Uhm…I do teach it but I’m not totally sure. It’s dancey. Fun. Silly, Sensual. Weird.  Here’s a brief description I told someone about Nia, “There’s this one part where we dance around like robots. We shake it and say ‘Mee … Continue reading

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DMV + Good Attitude

I had a blast a the DMV. Seriously, the DMV in Thousand Oaks is pretty nice as far as DMVs go. I asked the woman next to me in line to take this picture but it didn’t make us friends. … Continue reading

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Awesome Product Alert! Faux Book Spines

If you want to look like you like books but actually hate books so much you don’t even want them in your home, this product is for you. Sure, sure, you could get some actual books and not read them … Continue reading

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Affordable Beauty Tips

Sand – Throw it someone’s eyes and they won’t see your imperfections as clearly           Don’t just wear dark colors- Hang out in the dark, pitch dark – bonus -you’ll save on electricity!       … Continue reading

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Favorite Robots

2XL(funny and adorable -me if I was a robot) Roomba C-3PO (Very polite – if Downton Abbey had a robot it would be C3PO or any of the stiff white characters currently on the show) Rubix Cube Rotating G-Spot Rabbit … Continue reading

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Am I Ready To Rock?

I’m looking for a job. So, I spent a ton of time thinking up names for a Band -just in case I learn to play an instrument, start a band and the band gets a job playing at sold out … Continue reading

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Is It Weird To Make Posey Still Wear This?

I mean, it kind of works for Valentine’s Day, right? Plus, she totally loves it! Look at her face! All peaced out.

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Don’t Wear Spanx To A Rave

Also, stop saying rave. Hard to feel free if I’m having to hike  up hard core control tops mid my Hypnotech, Amoebacon, Psytrancey, Funktrotting, Spacelullish Dongstep  (new genre I’m originating).

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