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And they show what you should wear with it!

To take this look from day to night, dress it up with black pleather leggings, shooties and a sleek silver ear cuff. Or, add a floral skirt, wedge sandals and a rose gold cuff for brunch with your bitches!

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Don’t Wear Spanx To A Rave

Also, stop saying rave. Hard to feel free if I’m having to hike  up hard core control tops mid my Hypnotech, Amoebacon, Psytrancey, Funktrotting, Spacelullish Dongstep  (new genre I’m originating).

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S*#T That’s Art

I found this statue of a nail polish bottle on line…and it’s on sale for only 89.90! Or I could sell you the one I handmade. It says “Wet N Wild” on it and I’m only charging 89.00. That’s a … Continue reading

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Pants Aren’t Optional

I’m noticing in my fall magazines many fashion ads have left out pants…an item I enjoy all wearing all year… But, especially in the fall cuz you know what looks horrible with boots? When you don’t tuck in your pants because you’re not … Continue reading

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Missing Cents

What happened to the “cent” sign? There’s no “cent” sign on my computer. Maybe if we get cent back prices will come down like how diet Gurus say get smaller plates. Also, why does my key board have the sign for “tiny floating … Continue reading

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