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Staying positive isn’t easy unless you’re very, very stupid. If that’s the case, see below*. But, for the rest of us, maintaining a positive perspective can be as easy as writing a fun children’s story or running for President if … Continue reading

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Penelope is Teaching Nia!

It’s fun to dance! And that is the number one reason I encourage you to join me for a Nia class. Here are a few other reasons… Nia is a very effective work out for all ages and abilities. Nia … Continue reading

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Is It Weird To Make Posey Still Wear This?

I mean, it kind of works for Valentine’s Day, right? Plus, she totally loves it! Look at her face! All peaced out.

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Don’t Wear Spanx To A Rave

Also, stop saying rave. Hard to feel free if I’m having to hike  up hard core control tops mid my Hypnotech, Amoebacon, Psytrancey, Funktrotting, Spacelullish Dongstep  (new genre I’m originating).

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Sneaker Wedges. The Gateway drug back to adolescence.

  So excited about the sneaker wedges I ordered. They’re super cool and good for my feet. Dr. Oz says so. Actually, it was Dr. Jay. Same diff. Gotta sext. Sexting totally goes with sneaker wedges. ;)

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Fuck Stripes!

This month’s cover of Lucky magazine is giving me a case of the barfs brought on by the case of the uglies worn by the “thin in a way you’re not” Katherine McPhee. She’s lovely but the stripes on virtually … Continue reading

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The Retarticle Award For Excellence in Women’s Journalism

This week’s Retarticle Award goes to First For Women for, “10 Brilliant Uses For Paper Clips.” Now that I have ten excellent nay “brilliant” ideas, I still have a question…Isn’t it 2011? Even Candy spelling got rid of her “Paper … Continue reading

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Never Ask A Woman This…Never!..NEVER!!!

A woman I know put a little weight on recently. It was a good thing because she had been under weight so she committed to a few more sandwiches and packed on a few for health reasons. (I know, I … Continue reading

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Not To Do List

Don’t Google The Word Poison unless you’re dying to have Chris Cuomo or Chris Hanson interview you. Don’t try to talk like a sassy black lady even if in my head it sounds like I’ve got it down. Don’t talk … Continue reading

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To Do List

TIVO all the shows you think, “Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to watch that.” But then you forget what they are Remember what those shows are Ditto for Itunes songs One is that Level 42 song Google Level 42 to … Continue reading

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