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  1. Penelope! Alan and Anna here. Last night we listened to you on Professor Blastoff and you were fantastic! Anna was a guest on PB last summer (ep. 110) and we’re constant listeners — and so we’re qualified enough to say you were one of their best guests. Damn funny, spot on timing, great listener — you’re a peach. :) We just wanted to say hi and introduce ourselves. (You can get to know us more at our site, — we’re hoping maybe you do.) As a guy in his early forties and a girl quickly approaching them, and as a girl with a unique physical condition, and as a guy and girl who recognize a good mind when they hear one, we felt a certain spark with you. More than those things we just listed….but maybe you get the gist. Position in life, certain perspectives on stuff….yeah. So: feel free to say hi back — we’d like that. We’re down in Costa Mesa in OC…..and the next time we’re up in the LA (or Eagle Rock) we’d love to buy you a drink or a coffee — you seem well worth getting to know. :)

    Cheers, and be well!
    Alan and Anna

  2. We didn’t realize the comment would publish immediately. :) We just didn’t see any other way to email you. Feel free to delete both of these comments after reading them. But do feel free to say hi. :)


  3. Justin Deines says:

    Hey Penelope,

    Just listened to your Professor Blastoff epp and loved it. Very funny! IV’E got Sick Sinus Syndrome AND a pace maker too! I’m 29 but I was diagnosed and got my first pace maker when I was 16. Had some long nights in the hospital while the decision for a PM was being made. I remember the first few months after I got it, looking down at the CLEAR bump on my chest (made much more prominent by my rail thin, pre-pubescent body) I got the run down of things to avoid as well, and when the issue of metal detectors came up I was instantly excited. I visualized going to an airport, flashing my pace maker card and being led straight to a gorgeous woman, ready to pat me down in a tender, sensual way. What a disappointment.

    So much has happened in my life since then, and it’s very easy to forget that I even have a pace maker. Moreover, how incredibly lucky I am to live in a time when they exist. I’m glad they do, and glad you do too.

    In a few months I’ll be getting my battery replaced making this my 3rd pacer! I’m really hoping I’ll be able to keep my lead wires, so keep your fingers crossed for me ;)

    Hope this finds you well!

    -Justin Deines

    • Penelope says:

      Hi Justin! I hadn’t seen this yet and I really appreciate you sharing this with me. I still hope that hold out hope that a hot airport security lady will pat you down one day. And yes, we both are very lucky to live in a time when pacemakers are available. I’m doing a lot better especially with my concern over my health and getting back into my life. Thanks so much! Penelope

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