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Top Stuff Parents Need To Stop Saying

1) “That’s weird! Alex never hits!” Really? Because I know you gave him little boxing gloves for Christmas. 2) “Her teacher says Alabama is gifted!” Then it’s even more weird that you named her Alabama, isn’t it? 3) “Listen! Ashley … Continue reading

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I’m Aunt F#*king Tired

Today is Saturday and I’m Aunt F#*king tired. It’s like how moms get Mother F#*king tired but without so much diaper changing and building dioramas. Anyway, I worked all week…at a job in a building that’s tall and only pretty on … Continue reading

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I Hate Babies

You may have noticed that occasionally in my musings on anything from politics to pie I will create an opportunity to, with some wit, hurl an insult at babies. Just for the record, no joke, I don’t like babies. My … Continue reading

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