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Tony Tripoli

Tony Tripoli grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and moved to Los Angeles in 1989, to attend the acclaimed American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Immediately upon graduation, he put his incredibly prestigious and expensive degree to use by moving to Japan to work for Tokyo Disneyland. You can imagine how thrilled his Mom was.

He followed that up with a stint as a Chippendale (yeah, that’s right…. the strippers), and, in a real moment of pride, sang Cole Porter songs for the American Plumber’s Association, on stage with a dozen toilets.

He has played single-dimensional gay guys on such hit TV shows as Fashion House with Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild and Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and that F’ing half-man…

Yes, he was also on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List as well, but, it’s best not to bring that up…

Tony writes hilarious one-liners for Joan Rivers, which she uses in her act, on her reality show, and on Fashion Police at E!. He knows he should be troubled that all his jokes make sense coming out of the mouth of a 77 year old Jewish lady, but, screw it, she’s a goddamned legend.

Tony was also a staff writer on STYLE network’s hit show, The Dish, hosted by Danielle Fishel.

Continuing to dominate basic cable channels that you don’t even know you have, Tony appeared on LOGO’s THE GOSSIP QUEENS and PRETTY HURTS, and is a regular commentator on the TV GUIDE Channel, making inappropriate remarks on such specials as The 25 Sexiest Hollywood Couples and The 10 Funniest Commercials of the Year.

You can also look forward to his outrageous remarks in an upcoming series of specials, airing this year on E!, and as a regular on season two of Joan And Melissa : Joan Knows Best?, on WEtv.

Tony is thrilled to be the first openly gay comic to open for Joan Rivers, and hopes you’ll come see them in action! You can enjoy his solo stand-up Tony Tripoli: Dirty, Sexy, FUNNY all over L.A., on gay cruises, in Provincetown, or at your place, as long as the check clears.


Penelope Lombard

Penelope Lombard has written jokes for Joan Rivers for Fashion Police. She wrote often appeared on The Soup spin off, The Dish. As a stand up comic, she’s been appeared on Comedy Central, NBC and in clubs and colleges throughout the country. Her voice over work includes characters for King of the Hill and she performed, Licking My Chops, and her Political Comedy, What I Did To Change The World. You’re Welcome at the Comedy Central Stage. Listen to her new podcast Penelope’s Spiritual Mindf#*k. In her spare time she works to spread awareness that your kids are dicks with her BFF, Uncle Gay.

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